Santerra Soil remediation

Santerra is active in the purchase and remediation of contaminated grounds.

This contamination, like the grounds themselves, can be diverse in nature.

The sites can be purchased or can be cleaned without changing ownership.

In the case of purchase, we provide all the required guarantees to OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders). Diverse documents are required before proceeding with the sale of contaminated grounds:

  • Exploratory soil test (this may be no older than 2 years at the moment of sale)
  • Descriptive soil test
  • Soil remediation project
  • Guarantee by buyer or by third parties

Once the above requirements are satisfied, a valid soil quality certificate can be obtained for the sale of the grounds. In the case of transfer of ownership, we handle all of these issues.

Thus Santerra is able to intervene starting with the first step!

In the case of clean up, the work is carried out with the help of the Achilles Certificate for the execution of soil decontamination work.

An overview of the techniques used:

On-site techniques:

Off-site techniques:

  • Excavation
  • Fill work
  • Demolition
  • General clean-up

For further explanation or if you would like to be contacted for a meeting, click here for our contact information.

We are continuously looking to purchase contaminated grounds, for which

we pay an honest price. We guarantee solutions!!

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