Santerra Soil remediation

Ground remediation

Ground remediation
Santerra nv can propose various soil remediation techniques to make your contaminated grounds healthy again. You can opt for on-site techniques such as groundwater treatment via nutrient injection or stripping towers in which the contamination is addressed on the grounds themselves. Excavation of the contamination is also possible.

Purchase of contaminated grounds
Santerra can the help with remediation work on your contaminated grounds, or it can purchase the grounds from you. We are continuously looking for contaminated grounds that we can purchase and clean up. Thus you are rid of your problems and we ensure that the right techniques are applied before the ground is put back in use.

More information?
For more information on the soil remediation that Santerra can provide or on our different techniques and sales conditions, feel free to contact one of our staff at 016/602 651. We would be happy to schedule a no-obligation meeting with you to explain the solutions we can provide.

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