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Brownfield developer

Brownfield developer
Santerra nv is a professional brownfield developer. We specialise in the purchase and remediation of contaminated grounds. These are often commercial or industrial grounds that fell into disuse due to contamination. These properties often have a good location and can be reused after applying soil remediation techniques.

Various techniques
Brownfield developer Santerra nv is able to propose a comprehensive programme of soil remediation techniques such as groundwater treatment, stripping towers, but also off-site techniques such as excavation and fill. In the application of these techniques, the work is also done with the help of the Achilles Certificate for performing soil decontamination work.

More information?
For more information on our soil remediation techniques or way of working, feel free to contact one of our staff at 016/602 651 or We would be happy to invite you to a meeting where together we can search for a solution to your soil remediation problem.

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